A family, an identity totally immersed in the work we do.

A brand, Rossinavi, born in 2007 as the natural evolution of the Cantiere Fratelli Rossi. A love passed on down the generations for things nautical, including a love for the absolute value of the Person and the Work itself. Pure carpentry and workshop practice geared to achieving what is wished for, human relations and craftsmanship that have an eye to the future, untold experience in the way of construction, thanks to theory and practice being brought together under the one roof: knowing and knowing how, without drawing a line between the two. Stylistic simplicity and reliability deriving from decades of know-how, making it possible, today, to shape

material as we want it to be shaped, giving form to works of art made to measure, solid and safe, born to take on the sea at its limits, where it is explored. Each Rossinavi boat is launched into the waves as an act of memory, bearing witness to the traditions of the sea that have been matured in us. Boats that will have a history of their own to tell, stretching like arrows out into the broad expanse of the world’s oceans.

Rossinavi knows its own history well: it knows its point of origin very precisely, where it planted the first nail into the first sheet of metal.

The confidence of an absolutely solid identification with its own history is the first bowstring flexed to project it into the future. The Rossi Shipyard, in the ‘70s, was a business based on carpentry and mechanics. In the family history, the expert knowledge of materials and means was what was at the cutting edge of ideas in construction and working relations. Each motor yacht, totally custom-made, is designed and made to measure on the basis of the needs of an individual vision to

achieve a floating masterpiece. The arrow that flew forth from that bow of history, released in the Rossi Shipyard, has struck home with a bull’s eye. This is what the ROSSINAVI brand emerged from. New styles and old-style personalities come together. Today is a time of substantial, material realities elevated to a symbol, a brand that opens itself to the world with an innovative tradition.

Safety and technology are the Group’s two main pursuits in its facilities occupying an area larger than 15,000 m2.

The company’s production is distributed among three facilities between Viareggio and Pisa, all newly constructed and designed adopting the necessary prevention and protection measures, a fundamental characteristic for obtaining excellence while improving the working conditions of the workers involved in the projects.



Viale Europa 2/B – 55049 Viareggio – Lucca, Italy


Officina Meccanica

Via dei Comparini, 39 – 55049 Viareggio – Lucca, Italy


Polo Nautico

Viareggio – Lucca, Italy



Via della Darsena Pisana, 2 – 56121 Pisa, Italy

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